Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chocolate Raspberry, a Beading Babes Creation!

Karyn, a very talented beader who writes the blog Releases by Rufydoof, started a group  called Beading Babes with the idea that we would choose a pattern from a magazine (for ease of access and materials) and have a month to create it.  No pressure, if life intervenes, no worries.  I  like groups like this because I get to create projects I wouldn't necessarily choose myself, or that I put in the "some day" pile!  It's why I like book clubs.  I read books that I might not find on my own.  At any rate, this first project was the Camelot Cross Bracelet by Carole Ohl in the February/March issue of Beadwork.  It was definitely in my some day pile and I was delighted when it was chosen as our first Beading Babes project. 
I had just gotten some new (to me, anyway) Delica colors and I already had the crystals.  As I was working on the bracelet it reminded me of chocolate covered raspberries.  I'm obviously on a food kick with my names!  But, I love the way the combination of colors worked out. 
This is a very easy bracelet to make.  The components come together quickly and constructing the bracelet is also quick and easy. 

For the clasp, I decided to make the button that was part of the pattern.  I like it a lot and it also is very easy and quick to make.  But, for a great alternative, look at Kristen's idea!  It's really great and an idea I'm going to borrow!  Thanks, Kristen! 
This was a great project and a great idea from Karyn!  Thanks, Karyn, for starting this group.


  1. Blushing!!!! I love your chocolate raspberry version it is just so fun and beautiful. You can so borrow any ideas from me as long as you let me do the same! Hugs!

  2. Ohhh I absolutely love your colour combination... so rich and very tasty looking... if one can say that about beads! It's a great pattern isn't it... very quick and easy.

    I look forward to seeing you for Project 2. If there are any patterns you have your eye on then be sure to suggest them!



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