Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bead Embroidery and Viking Knit

I made this pendant when I was taking a class in Viking Knit from Joggles.  I don't always like the face cabs that are available, but I fell in love with this one.  The suggestion for a pendant that went along with the instruction was to make branch fringe around the entire cab.   I like making  branch fringe, but I knew I would get bored doing the entire piece with it, and since I love asymetry, I thought I would just do part of the face with the branch fringe and finish with a plain fringe stitch.  I used 3mm and 4mm bicones to create a double edge to  finish the pendant. 
The main focus of the class was the Viking Knit which is an ancient wireworking technique.  My daughter first introduced me to it, and I loved the process of working it, and also the finished product.  There are many ways of finishing the ends of the knit, but I chose the option of stitching peyote tubes to wrap around the ends. Unfortuately,I haven't done as much of it as I would have liked to do, but I'm planning to go back to it.  It's a versatile technique to have in your bag of tricks. 
I hope you're enjoying the end of summer.  The weather is cooling off a little here which is a good thing!
Thanks for visiting.  Have a great weekend.

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