Saturday, July 30, 2011

Silken Straw Necklace

Silken Straw is a fabulous silk yarn from Alchemy Yarns.  Of course, there aren't any of Alchemy's yarns that I don't love.  The colors are beautiful and rich and the yarns themselves are very special.  One of my favorites is their Silken Straw.  It's a silk yarn that is almost papery in its feel and appearnce.  It's a very narrow ribbon that softens as you knit and wear it.  I've used it, along with other Alchemy yarns in my Bohemian scarves, and I just love it!! Oh, I think I've made that point already!  One thing I'd been wanting to make with Silken Straw is a necklace.  The colors are so beautiful and I knew I probably had lots of beads that would coordinate with it.  I don't have many skeins of it because it's not an inexpensive yarn, but I do occasionally splurge and buy a skein I just can't resist.  The color I chose for this necklace was "Desert Song".  I had some matte peach long magatamas and I loved the way the beads and the yarn complimented each other.  I brought a bead up at the beginning of each row of garter stitch and used short rows for shaping.  A copper slide clasp was all it needed to finish it off. I think it looks simple but elegant.

The peachy color of the magatamas was hard to capture, but they really are a lovely matte peach color.

I'm finishing up another knitted necklace that is going to use another color of Silken Straw as an embellishment.  Hopefully, it'll be ready for photos soon.

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