Tuesday, July 8, 2014

More Geometric Beadwork

Hi everyone!  I hope you're having a great day!  I wanted to share with you my continuing obsession with Contemporary Geometric Beadwork.  Developed by Kate McKinnon and some other fabulous beaders, the method has me completely engrossed!  When I think of beading now I think of the geometric piece I'm working on or the next piece I'm going to start.  I started at the beginning and I'm working my way through the process and inventing as I go along.  And, that's the idea of Kate's book.  To take the basic instructions and fly off in your own direction.  When I last blogged about this subject (which you can see here) I mentioned that you would be seeing horns and wings next.  Well, here they are in my newest bracelet.

Honestly, the choice of prop was unintentional.  I didn't realize how it mimicked the bracelet until I was editing the picture!   Anyway,  I used my favorite colors, turquoise, lime green and lavender, along with black and white.  The beads are Delicas and drops, along with some 15s to pull in the edges.  I started in the middle of the bracelet with Kate's technique of MRAW which stands for Modified Right Angle Weave, and took off from there.  In the beginning I was only going to do the horns in the middle and then put a plain peyote band on either side.  But, the pull of the wings caught me and wings there are!!!  The Horns are the dimensional peyote in the middle bands and the Wings are the lovely things on the edges. For the clasp I stitched two clear snaps to the ends and added triangles to hide the edges which I could see but probably no one else could!   I could do this kind of work all day!  Here are a few details.
A wing.
The Horns tipped with a drop bead.
The clasp hidden by added triangles.
I have another finished piece which grew out of a class I took with Jo Ray at Bead Soup.  Jo has started working with the bellyband, the name used for the MRAW starting band, and has done some wonderful bezels based on it.  I just finished my variation and I'll be taking some photos today, so stay tuned.  I've also just started a Rick-Rack bracelet which is another version in Kate's arsenal of great ideas! 
Thank you so much for joining me today.  I hope you have a wonderful week and create something you love!


  1. these are just amazing! I'm trying to track down a copy of the book! I can only find 1 single copy and it's £30!!

  2. Wow...totally amazing! So intricate, and the colors are fabulous! I would buy a new outfit to wear with this very special work of art! Gorgeous!!!!

  3. Ooh, I'm in love with this- just stunning! Apart from being beautiful it's just so clever, and I'm extremely impressed - I don't know the first thing about beading and some of your technical speak goes right over my head but none the less you really do tap into a very large desire in me to get 'into' beading whenever I see your beautiful work! Perhaps one day!

  4. Awesome cuff Maryanne, it is beautiful! Can not wait to see your next project.

  5. I am completely speechless. This is such a beautiful piece. Love the colors, patterns, just everything about it! Seriously drooling here...



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