Friday, June 6, 2014

A New Beading Obsession!

Hi everyone!  Thank you for visiting me today.  I really appreciate your visits.  I know it's been quiet around here lately.  Spring is always a busy, busy time and this year is no different.  In fact, it's been busier later in the season because the season was so long in coming.  But, I think  things are under control in the garden, the big chores for the year done and now I can tweak things here and there and sit back and do more enjoying than working! 
I haven't been entirely absent from my art life.  My daughter and I took a fabulous weekend of mixed media classes with Seth Apter at The Queen's Ink a few weeks ago and I've been obsessing over the book Contemporary Geometric Beadwork by Kate McKinnon!  I'll show you some of the things we did in Seth's class once I get them organized and ready for prime time!  This post is all about my new obsession, Contemporary Geometric Beadwork, or CGB, which is easier to type!
Without further ado, my first bangle...

The book that got this all started came out about 2 years ago.  I love geometric beadwork and so I immediately pre-ordered it and then, when it arrived, let it sit while I drooled over all the gorgeous pieces of art jewelry shown.  The book itself is beautiful which I love because I'm a book lover from childhood.  This book not only has beautiful art but quotes pertaining to art in all forms.  And, I'm a sucker for quotes.  I have a whole stack of quotes cut from magazines and other places sitting waiting to be used for some art project or another.  So, the book had me from the moment I opened the package.  It's a collaborative effort with several fabulous bead artists working on it.  And, the best news is that there is a second volume in the works.  Pre-ordered that one too!!!! That one won't sit idle for so long! 
Anyway, I finally got started using the book because my friend Kathy, the owner of Bead Soup, decided we should start a monthly group of beaders to come together and work on some geometric beadwork, primarily from Kate's book.  Perfect, just the push I needed!  So, I started from the beginning and decided to make a Power Puff bangle.  This particular design is a Jean Power creation.
Jean was one of the collaborators on the book.  Her work with triangular designs is well known in the bead world.  Once you get the triangle down you can really do anything in the CGB book.  The method of working is very architectural and structured around a few basic constructions, the triangle being one of the basics.
The Power Puff bangle is just a series of connected triangles.  I made mine as a bracelet bangle because I can't make a bangle to fit me!  Bangles must go over your knuckles and then onto your wrist.  My knuckles are bigger than my wrist and to fit over them the bangle then flops down onto my hand.  So, I decided to make it flat and use a concealed magnet for a closure.  It really looks like a regular bangle.  I sometimes have to look for the closure and people think it is a bangle. 
Here are a few pictures of the whole bracelet so you can see what the entire piece looks like.

Here you can see the magnetic closure
I've worn it several times and it's very comfortable to wear.  The variations in color and color placement are unending and I already have a great idea for a Fall version.  But, right now I've moved on in the book to Wings and Horns!!  Yes, Wings and Horns!  They are the offspring of the triangle!  You'll be seeing that one soon! 
Now it's out to the garden to cut some flowers for the house.  Thank you so much for visiting today.  I love having you drop in and I love hearing from you!  Have a great weekend.


  1. I love the way you staged your photographs :) And, having just watched a review for Maleficent, I kind of want to see you do a wings-and-horns piece in black, purple, and acid green :)

  2. wow, what a stunning bangle! I had to look at my own hand when you said yours is too big for bangles - my fist is twice the size of my wrist!

  3. Whoa - I clicked on your blog and the picture of that amazing bracelet blew me away! That is so totally awesome and I envy your abilities with a needle and teeny tiny seed beads (you know I cannot do this)! Very cool!

  4. Oh Maryanne I am in total and utter awe of your beading work, simply stunning and amazing!! Never in a hundred years would I have the patience for something like that....

    I look forward to seeing what you made in Seth A's class, - you lucky thing! Wow, I would love to learn with him!

  5. OMG that is incredibly beautiful, I am in total awe!

  6. oh my, oh my!!!! what a fantastically wonderful piece! and the hidden magnet is shear genius! This must feel so great around your wrist. Your beadwork is truly a work of art my friend

  7. Maryanne! This is a spectacular and absolutely beautiful piece! I love it! You are so creative, my friend! WOW!!!!! and I hope you have a great weekend, too! ♥

  8. Oh My Goodness! Oh My Goodness!!! This is incredible!!! The colors! The shape! The bangle/non-bangle-but-who-can-tell! The time and challenges! This is absolutely gorgeous, Maryanne. I am so intimidated by CBG yet so drawn to it. You seem to charge fearlessly and look at the stunning results!


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