Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Making progress

Hello everyone, and welcome this snowy day!  I'm so happy you could join me.  It is snowing again, but they are assuring us it's not going to amount to much.  For those of us in the Mid-Atlantic this winter is going on forever!!  The weekend was beautiful and I was able to get out into my garden and prune the roses and clean up some of the flower beds.  My hellebores and crocuses are starting to bloom and that makes me very happy.  Now if we could just warm up and stay that way!  But, enough of the complaining about the weather (which gets you nowhere!) and on to the title of this post.

I don't make resolutions at the New Year but I do try to set some realistic goals for myself.  This year it was to finish projects that have been sitting around in various states of completion.  Of course, I had to weed out the ones that made me say "What was I thinking?" and keep the ones I still really liked and wanted to finish!  After that exercise was done I decided to do one a month to keep to my realistic timeline and not try to finish everything in two weeks as I'm inclined to do once I decide to do something!  In January I finished a little paper art project that was from a technique class I took over a year ago with Wendy Vecchi.  This month it was to finish a lariat I had started about two years ago.  This is the finished necklace.

While I like to design as I go, this was a compilation of patterns from other bead artists.  It started out as a way to use a beaded ring that was a Cynthia Rutledge design.  I decided to use it as the ring end of a lariat.  Of course, then I needed a lariat!  I was just going to bead a spiral rope using some beads from the ring but then I saw this lariat pattern in  Kelly Wiese's book,  Beaded Allure.  I liked the seed beaded stitch pattern and the fringe that used silver as well as beads.  So, using the colors that I had used in the ring, an unusual color combination for me, I stitched the lariat and then the fringe. 
While the green is a color I use a lot, the blue pearls and golden accent beads are not go to colors for me.  But, I guess I was in a mood to change things up the day I stitched the ring!! It was fun to stitch and I found blue seed beads with a green iris finish to stitch the lariat.   Of course, the fringe was my favorite part of the necklace.  Here's a picture of it.

I love stitching fringe and I use lots of different beads to create pattern and interest in it.  The original fringe from the pattern used silver beads, bead caps and spacers and I kept that part of the design.  From there I added crystals bicones and shaped beads, fire polished beads, seed beads, Hill Tribe bead caps and a few vintage beads.  Its a nice long fringe which adds to the drape of the necklace.  
 I feel so pleased to have been able to finish a lariat that I really like and to have been able to put those beads away after a long time sitting on my work table!!  On to project 3!!!
Thank you so much for visiting with me today!  I love all your comments and appreciate your visits so much.  I hope you have a wonderful day.


  1. Ooh, I love it! The colour scheme is beautiful - I love lime green in any shape or form, and it looks particularly good with the darker blue. It's great that you are finishing projects off - although I find they become like old friends, little areas of my table taken over permanently by items half finished - I get to the point where I barely notice them and just work round them! I'm looking forward to seeing your next finished project!

  2. Wow, what an amazing necklace! Your skills with beading are incredible! Love the colours you have use for these!!

  3. This is a stunning piece Maryanne!!! I love the lariat as a whole, but it's components are intriguing too. I'm glad you gave us some closeups of them too. The color combination is just right as well - I know green is your color (and the bronzes too!!!?), but pairing it with the blue and pearl was just ingenious! Bravo!

  4. What a beauty, Maryanne! The colors are so fabulous and the whole piece is absolutely lovely. What a wonderful piece of jewelry you have created here!


  5. Lariat, Fringe~you got me so excited I almost forgot it was winter!!! Gorgeous piece as a whole, but each component~the ring, the neckstrap, the fringe are beautiful individually. The colors are a beautiful mix of mostly dark and moody with those lighter highlights. Great work! Looking forward to seeing other unfinished work become complete.

  6. What a beautiful design Maryanne.

    Hugs diane

  7. Maryann! Your lariat is absolutely beautiful! I love this so much! Very pretty!!!! Yes, our winter is going on forever and we are expected to get more snow on Monday, I hear. Oh my goodness! And thank you so much for visiting my blog - it's fun to know another Downton Abbey fan!!!!!

  8. Really lovely work! I l love that book (beaded allure) I have it as well, and the patterns are so delicate and call out to me. You've really done a beautiful piece here with wonderful, long, fringe! love it!

  9. this is stunning! I love the ring and the little "tassle" of flowers.


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