Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Positivity Journal

Hello everyone!  It's so nice to have you visiting!  Today I want share an ongoing project with you.  Astrid MacLean had a brilliant idea at the end of the last year.  She decided to create a "Positivity Journal".   I don't know if you're familiar with Astrid's work, but it is truly beautiful.  Her journals are so wonderfully artistic.  She decided to create a journal in which to record one positive thing that happened every day for the entire year of 2014.  She encouraged anyone who wanted to join in to do so.  I loved the idea because I have been trying to find positive things to be grateful for in my everyday life for a couple of years.  I found that it does change your attitude to look at a beautiful sunrise and say "Thank You".  Some days the positive things are more substantial than a sunrise and some days the sunrise is just too wonderful to ignore.  But, whatever the situation, I found it makes a tremendous difference in my attitude.  But, I had never written any thing down.  I just kept these things in my mind.  When Astrid talked about her journal and showed the first pages I knew I had to create a journal to record my positive experiences.  I have found that creating the journal is becoming a positive experience in itself! 

Here is a picture of the inside cover. 

I love that saying!  It's part of the Typography collection from Graphic45.   I thought it was perfect for the inside cover of my journal.  I used another paper from the same collection as a background and stenciled with heavy body gel medium.  When it was dry I rubbed some Gilders' Paste over the stenciling.  You can see a little of the first page of the journal.
The journal is becoming a means of trying new products and new techniques.  My daughter shared some of her stenciling tricks and I've had a great time using them and adding some others.  I've rediscovered my love of stencils and all the ways you can use them.  I've gotten to love Gelatos and I'm using pan pastels for the first time.  So, positivity is flowing from the creation of the journal!!  I love that!
I start by doing a background on a two page spread and then take off from there.  I coordinate the two pages but they are each different.  The journal is already becoming bulky so I'm trying to keep the embellishments flat.  Some times I use little tags or envelopes with tags in them for the journaling and sometimes I just journal on the page.  I think I'll have to eventually start in another journal anyway. 
Here are some pictures of some of the other pages.
Another piece from Typogrhapy which I made into a flap that folds down to record my entry for that day. The background used gold Perfect Pearls over DI for some shimmer.
Stencils and masks along with a little tag attached for future entries.
The facing page with more stenciling and masking and a little folded journaling card.
I have several more pages to share but I'll wait to share those as I  continue to update you on the progress of my journal. 
If you would like to join in it's not too late.  Here is Astrid's original post about her journal.  There are no rules and no challenges.  It's just a chance to find positive things in the everyday to enjoy and cherish. 
Thank you so much for stopping by.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate your visits.  Have a wonderful day today.


  1. "By the yard it's hard but
    By the inch it's a cinch"~that is fantastic!

    I cannot wait to see more beautiful pages unfold here!

    My daughter suggested a "Joy Jar" and at the end of every day, you write the date and what brought you joy today and put the paper in a jar to be read next year. So far, I have stuck with it :-) So have both my girls. Cannot wait to read what brought joy and to see if there is a similar thread running though a lot of my days.

  2. Oh Maryanne I completely adore the pages of your journal you are showing here and I am so very glad this is proving to be a positive experience for you!! The papers and stencilling, tags and little envelopes that adorn your pages look truly stunning! I am so glad you are playing along. I have not shown a new spread for ages, but am still recording every day! (Have to say love the idea of the Joy Jar too!

  3. Hi Maryanne :-) Love your positive journal pages and the inspiration behind it. Astrid's work is fabulous and she is so lovely in real life too. Thank you for your lovely comment. truly appreciated

    Annie x

  4. What lovely work - you have some gorgeous papers there, and I love your stenciling techniques - very soft and gentle. I always forget how great stencils are, and then on the rare occasions I take them out to use I'm always pleasantly surprised at the results! I definitely need to use them more, especially after seeing your beautiful results!

  5. Such a great project, Maryanne! I love it when art and meaning connect. Your journal is just wonderful. Great use of those wonderful papers and the tags and envelopes are perfect!


  6. As always - I'm loving the beautiful work that you do! And this is a simply wonderful project!! So meaningful and I'm sure the act of gratitude in art will be so moving for you!!!


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