Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Muse

There is a young designer in Sedona, Arizona by the name of Scarlett Lanson.  Her work is incredible for her age.  She has decided that beads and beading will be her life's work and she is definitely committed to her goal.  She has a beading contest on her website,, called "Use the Muse".  The contest is sponsored by, which is a wonderful resource for beaders.  Scarlett sends you a kit of beads and crystals along with a component which she designates as the "Muse".  You can use as much or as little of the kit as you choose just so long as you use the Muse.  You can add anything from you own stash as well. The only other stipulation is that you keep the muse a secret until the winners are revealed on her site.  It's a great contest because anyone can enter regardless of their experience.  Scarlett's choice of bead colors is wonderful, and different every time.  You can also use any technique, beadweaving, stringing, polymer, anything as long as you use the muse.  The variety and quality of the beadwork that results is wonderful.

I had entered "Use the Muse 2" last year.  I had a lot of fun designing the necklace that I entered.  I titled it "Dusk in a Creole Garden" because I kept thinking of the courtyard gardens in New Orleans while I was working on it.

This is the finished piece.  While it didn't win I had a lot of fun with it.  I don't use blue very often, especially not the dusty blues which were prevalent in this kit.  The muse was the Lillypilly doughnut in the middle of the pendant.  That is where the inspiration for the title came from, which is the whole idea.  The muse inspires you and your creation!

I skipped Use the Muse3 because it was in the fall and that is always such a busy time around here.  But, I decided to participate in the fourth contest.  I just finished my entry this morning and I can show you a tease of what I did.   I can't show you the entire piece until the contest is over and the winners are announced on Scarlett's website.

I decided to use my very favorite technique which is freeform beadweaving.  I had a wonderful time creating this piece.  Instead of using freeform peyote I used a freeform netting stitch.  It was great fun, and I like having the two methods to choose from when I want to do freeform.  I think I'm going to name this one "River Bed" because the colors, and the way the beads flow together look like a dry river bed.  This time the colors in the kit were ones that I really like and I added some sage green beads to contribute to the earthiness of the composition.

Eventually, I'll be able to show you the entire necklace.  In the meantime, I have to go clean up the beads and plan the next project!  Thanks for visiting with me today.  Hope you're day is full of creativity!

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  1. This is really beautiful, I really love the colors that you used in "Dusk in a Creole Garden". You have so many talents! Cheers- Christen


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