Sunday, March 28, 2010

There's a wedding in our future!

Our daughter is getting married next year!  I'm happy we have the time to plan the wedding without being rushed.  After securing our parish church for the date she and her fiance had chosen, the search for the perfect reception venue was on. It quickly became apparent that this whole planning process was going to generate a lot of contracts,  menus and information that needed to be filed.  So, I thought I should get out a file folder to keep it all together.  But, of course, I didn't want to use a plan manila folder because that would be so boring!  The creativity bug hit and I started thinking of how I could take a plain folder and do something interesting with it.  This is the result.

I started with this fabric from my stash, which I thought would be perfect for a wedding folder.  I went through the ribbon and button stash and found a silk ribbon and some buttons I liked.  I started by fusing WonderUnder to the back side of the fabric and then I stitched the ribbon to the fabric.  I left enough top and bottom to be able to tie the folder closed.  I sewed the buttons to what would be the front.  Of course this gave me an opportunity to make a tag.
 I had been tea dyeing some lace a few days ago, so I used some of that,  and I found the label in a tablet of paper I had gotten from The Queen's Ink last week.  I used some of Tim Holtz' metal flowers and corners to finish it off. 

Once the tag was complete I fused the fabric to the folder.  I found a lily of the valley print fabric in the stash for the inside of the folder.  It coordinates well with the outer fabric, and besides that, nothing says weddings to me like lily of the valley! You can see a peek of it here. 

I fused it to the inside of the folder and then cut slits through the front and threaded ribbon though them to attach the tag. 

I'm really pleased with the results.  It will be fun to get it out and add to it as the planning continues.  More fun than a boring plain manila folder!   I intend to give it to my daughter after the wedding so that she will have a keepsake with all the information about the big day and all that led up to it.  Best of all, she's thrilled with it too!

Thanks for visiting.   Remember that even mundane items in our lives can be made beautiful.  Have fun and create something today!

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  1. Congratulations to your family Maryanne! This is a stunning folder, and I am sure the memories that it will hold will be treasured by both you and your daughter! Beautiful!


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