Monday, June 29, 2015

Bead Emboidery Sherry Serafini Style

Hello everyone!  Welcome!  Today I want to tell you about a workshop I took back in March with Sherry Serafini.  For anyone who loves beadwork, and bead embroidery especially, Sherry is a rock star!  At least for me she is!  I've loved her work since before I really started making beaded jewelry.  I was using beads on my wearable art jackets but I wasn't beading to make jewelry.  I don't remember how I discovered her but when I did I knew I had to do what she did!  Which meant I would eventually start doing bead embroidered jewelry, and about 7 or 8 years ago I did, never thinking I would get to take a class with Sherry.  When Kathy at Bead Soup said she was coming for a weekend of classes I signed up!  I took one class that weekend and it was wonderful.  I had never met Sherry and I was thrilled to find that she is a warm lovely person.  She is truly beautiful in all ways! 

The class I signed up for was a bead embroidered cuff using shibori ribbon.  We had several colorways to chose from in the kits and since I was Spring starved by that time in the winter, I chose a very spring like colorway.  Here is a picture of the cuff I ended up with.

Each kit had different cabs and beads and general directions.  But, Sherry encouraged each of us to lay the ribbon any way we chose and to use the beads and the cabs as we wanted.  So we didn't end up with cookie cutter bracelets.   I don't know if anyone finished their cuff in class, I don't think so, but I didn't because I always want to take my time and decide where I want to go next in a bead embroidered design.  So, that meant I could go home and pull some other beads, favorites of mine to use in bead embroidery.  Glass donuts and lentils are two favorites and I tend to use one or the other, sometimes both, in a design.  In this cuff I used both!  Here are some details of the cuff.

You can see the donuts in the upper right and the lentils on the left.
I also added some matte AB firepolished bead to the mix because the color was perfect with the shibori.
This class was a wonderful experience.  Sherry is delightful and is looking forward to coming back to Bead Soup.  And, I'll be there because I wouldn't miss one of her classes!
Thank you all for visiting me today.  I really appreciate your visits.  I'm not a faithful blogger but I enjoy getting to hear from you so much.  Have a wonderful day!  


  1. This is a stunning piece! and am I reading this correctly that you've only just learned bead embroidery? how can that be? you are such an accomplished beader that I would never have guessed that!

  2. oh wow, that is very beautiful! I love the colours you've chosen and I could stare at your pictures for ages (actually, I just did). You were very lucky to meet Sherri, I have one of her books and I like her work.

  3. Such exquisite work Maryanne - and such a delicate, pretty colour palette. How lucky you are to have all these wonderful classes within your reach, have you thought of teaching some as your work is just fabulous.

  4. Hi Maryanne, Well that is one more thing we have in common I fell in love with Sherry's work long before I even thought about learning to bead weave let alone bead embroidery. Her art is one reason I got started in the beading world. I world love to take one of her classes. I need to keep an eye out for when she is closer to my area of the US. Your cuff is gorgeous! I love the colors they are bright and cheerful and for the winter y'all had, by March you were ready for bright and cheerful, I am sure. I am glad that you added your own beads to the mix. That is the whole thing about this form of bead embroidery it to be free with the design and make it your own. I can not wait to see the next project that you make in Sherry's class.

  5. Well, Maryanne. I was in that class too!!! Wasn't Sherry fantastic! Your cuff is gorgeous!! Beautiful job!! I don't think anyone finished their cuffs in class, I only got the shibori ribbon on and a few beads...I'm still working on the cuff.

  6. Wow....the colors of that silk with those beads.....swoon! That is really a statement piece!!!

    Sorry I am late in catching up on blogs! Had family commitments, but hope to be back on track now! Stay cool in this heat!!!!!

  7. Oh my goodness, Maryanne! I don't know much about beaded jewelry making, but what I know is your cuff is absolutely gorgeous! Oh my goodness - the beads and fabric look amazing - a true work of art! Thank you so much for sharing it and the story behind it with all of us! And thanks also for your wonderful visit to my blog, too! Hugs, Sharon

  8. That turned out so beautifully! I don't think I ever got to see the finished bracelet before. I love it!

  9. Oooooh that cuff!! It's so beautiful. But I'm not surprised because you are so very talented. And color me JEALOUS that you got to take a class by Sherry Serafini. She ranks right up there with others that I worship as beading goddesses! Kathy has done such an amazing job with her class roster I need to get down there and take a class when one of these great teachers are teaching!!!


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