Monday, May 4, 2015

Another pendant

Hi, everyone.  I'm so happy you are visiting at such a busy time of the year.  I've been busy, busy in the garden.  It's wonderful to be outside seeing everything come back to life after the dreary, long winter we've had. 

Obviously, the coming of spring has had an influence on my sporadic beading.  I've made another pendant and in colors that are so unlikely for me. 

Pink!!!  Not a color I use very often and yet it was the color I was drawn to when I looked at beads for this piece.  It was a project that a group of us worked on at Bead Soup.  Once a month a group gets together to work on a tutorial together. This one came from Nela Kabelova.   I go when I can and always come away with a component that I can then make into a necklace or bracelet.  Often the projects use some of the new bead shapes that are coming out at a rapid pace right now.  This one used two hole Rula beads as the basis of the bezel for the rivoli.  I had this rivoli in my stash and decided it was what I wanted to use.  Must be Spring Fever!  So, the bezel used Rulas, 11s and 15s.  Then the outer round used pinch beads.  It was a quick project and when I got home I decided to add some chain fringe with a some things from the stash and some leftover pinch beads.  I liked that the pattern recommended using a size 8 seed bead to attach the jump ring for the top and so I used that at the bottom to attach the chain.    Here are some details.
I love finding new ways to create a bezel and this was so easy that I'm sure I'll use it again.  I also like the idea of the chain fringe.  It gives the design some movement.
Thank you for taking the time to visiting today!  I really appreciate it and I hope you have a wonderful day.  I'll be in the garden taking advantage of the wonderful weather!


  1. What a pretty necklace! It's not my usual colours either, but I'd totally wear it! I love the new bead shapes that are coming out and it's great when you can find a class using them, the perfect way to try them out without having to buy a whole load. I've never worked with either Rullas or Pinch beads.

  2. This is a feminine beauty! I am loving the fringe!!! Your fringe is the perfect addition to the pendant ~ motion and something to play with :-)
    Happy Spring!

  3. yes, Happy Spring! what a fun bezel. I'm not a 'pink' kind of girl, but I forget that it can be an accent too .... the fringe is a wonderful addition to this. I bet it has a nice sway to it when you wear it

  4. Totally gorgeous! I love the colour, yet like you I don't use it a lot - it's a beautiful and delicate piece. So glad you are enjoying your garden, I thought this winter seemed a long one and it's lovely to be out in the sun and getting dirt under the finger nails again!

  5. I have been drawn to fringe lately, too. I have seen quite a few necklaces and earrings with added fringe...even tassels! So pretty! Love your selection of chain here, too! It has been a lovely spring so far, in my opinion. Glad you have found the time to be outside!!

  6. Hi Maryanne! I always love visiting your blog and seeing your gorgeous works of art. This is absolutely beautiful, my friend. I am glad you were drawn to pink this time - it's the perfect color here! And I would love to see photos of your garden. I have not had any time to get out a work in ours, yet this spring. And it is in much need of weeding, etc!!! I want to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day! HUGS!!!!

  7. Maryanne! I love what you did with this bezel!!! the chain fringe is brilliant!!


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