Monday, September 8, 2014

Hello again!

Hello!  It's been so very quiet around the blog lately!  I'm sorry about that but it seems the Muse has been on vacation and didn't want to return.  But, slowly she's beginning to realize that return she must and so things are beginning to happen in the studio again.  Seriously though, my mojo up and left after mid-August, but with the coming of Fall I'm beginning to slowly come back to creating.  And, I'm so happy to be back in the studio.

The summer did provide two new things to put in the creative tool box.  Zentangles and Gelli Plates!
My daughter and I started learning the Zentangle method and  yesterday we took a class using the Gelli Plate.  We came home with two tiny books of papers we painted with the Gelli Plate.  I'll show those to you soon.  We both decided to use them for Zentangles.  We tend to do that sometimes, get the same idea independently of each other!  It's fun when it happens.  But, today I have something different to share. 

My dear, dear husband bought me a Speed Fire mini kiln for metal clay firing and I finally started working with some CopperClay.  I love metal clay.  It's magical to me that you begin with clay and end up with metal!  I had worked with PMC3 and BronzeClay before but never copper.  Well, along with the kiln he provided me with a package of CopperClay.  Here are my first pieces.

I found that CopperClay is easy to work with and the firing went well.  I used a floral border stamp as a texture plate and cut the strip of clay into rectangles.   I wanted a neutral combination so I chose some 10mm black fire polished beads from the stash to use with the copper.  I'm pleased with the results of my first attempt at using my own kiln. 
That is my first entry back into the creative world I love so much!  I want to thank you for stopping by.  I hope you have a wonderful week!  


  1. Beautiful Maryanne! I enjoy working with PMC although I have not had the chance to work with it since last summer, but I will again soon.

  2. I just LOVE these...LOVE! Look at all of that yummy texture!!! I am envious that you have a daughter who loves to craft! So glad your muse has returned!

  3. Oh! these pieces are beautiful! I LOVE the metal clay and the texture you've done here!

  4. Oh wow, these look stunning! Love the love of the copper clay! Never seen that before, I only know silver clay, but this is stunning (and probably a lot cheaper than silver clay)

    Can't wait to see what you did with the Gelli! I finally took the plunge and ordered one too.... It must be so fun to have a daughter who is into the same kind of stuff as you are!

  5. I just love that jewelry you made. Can't wait to see what more you do with the PMC.

    And of course we came up with the same idea! It's like we're related or something ;)

  6. So beautiful! you did a great job. I also tried Copper Clay fr the first time recently. I didn't like the silver art clay, but did love the copper. Hopefully my husband will buy me a kiln one day!

  7. brilliant and so beautiful, love it x

  8. Oh I am so glad your Muse has returned and what a spectacular return! I LOVE your copper clay work - totally beautiful, and I am yearning to have a go myself now!

  9. Hi Maryanne! I am so happy that your mojo is returning! Congrats on getting a new kiln. What a wonderful hubby you have!!!! I absolutely love this copper jewelry! It's so beautiful. And I cannot wait to see your Gelli Plate art. I purchased one when I was taking an art journal online class last year, but it has been thrown to the wayside. I need to get it out and see what I can create with it. And Zentalgle art has always intrigued me, too. And to combine them - what a wonderful idea!

  10. I can see Mr Mojo is back as your jewellery pieces are stunning. You are one very talented lady .......with a sweet husband too

    Huge hugs
    Annie x


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