Friday, April 11, 2014

Bling Rings!

Hi everyone!  It's good to have you join me today.  I have some bead talk for a change!  Last month my bead group got together for a Friday session of beading a free pattern.   It's an informal group and we work on patterns that the artists put out for free use.  This one was something I like doing, making beaded rings.  Not finger rings but wheel type rings to be used as components.  Sabine Lippert offered this on her website.  It was a great pattern, called Bling Ring.  Here is what I ended up doing with the pattern.


I don't often make multiples of a pattern but sometimes a component really catches my interest and I keep thinking of ideas for creating more and more of them!  That's what happened with the Bling Ring pattern.  I started with black seed beads, lime green AB drops, jet AB2x crystals and black AB Delicas.  The first ring I made is to the left of the center ring.  I liked it so much that I decided I was going to do 6 more and string them on a black ball chain.  Yeah, well, when I decide I like something I really go at it!  I decided to use the same black seed beads, Delicas and crystals for all of them.  I used lime green and turquoise seed beads for the start of the other rings, along with more of the black.  I made 4 in the original size, starting with 36 beads.  I started three rings with 48 so that they would be  bigger rings.  I used black beads and black drops for the larger rings and used them as spacers between the colored rings.   Here are some details.

I like the necklace so much that I'm thinking of making one in all brights for summer!  It's light and comfortable to wear and I feel I can wear it with almost anything.  Great for me since I don't wear really dressy jewelry enough to justify spending the time it takes to make.
Thank you so much for visiting today.  I'll be back on Monday with my entry into Tanya's Shibori Ribbon Blog Hop.  See you then!  Have a great weekend.



  1. Stunning Maryanne, you are so clever, - this looks magical!!

  2. Yay~ the rings you have been mentioning! They are even more beautiful then I imagined!!! You put colors together that I would never think to do and it works! That lime with the black and Jet AB bicones ~ those really work well together. Love these and cannot wait to see the Spring/Summer theme. Ahhh, circles.....

  3. WOWZA Maryanne! This is absolutely amazing and very, very gorgeous! I love the colors that you used and the rings look so cool and awesome. Something that I would love to wear!!!!!

  4. what a fab design, I love beaded circles


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