Thursday, May 2, 2013

The very late blog hop post

Well, I'm finally getting to my post for Amy's Spring Fling Blog Hop.  As I mentioned yesterday, I've had major computer problems and I emailed Amy to let her know that my post would be late, very late!  So, without further ado, here is what I did with the beautiful components we used.

Because I'm always thinking of how I can use metal with beads and cabs I once again tried my hand at cold connecting a cab to a piece of metal.  This time I cut a piece of copper sheet into a flower-like shape after running it through the Vagabond with an embossing folder.  I love embossing metal that way.  It's easy and it changes the appearance completely.  I used Melissa Cable's technique for cutting metal into a flower shape leaving prongs as part of the shaping.  You can find her techniques in her new book Metal Jewelry in Bloom.  I love the book because it gives me lots of ideas for using my favorite motif, flowers, in metal jewelry. You'll be seeing more things made using her techniques as the summer goes on.
After creating the flower I cut a strip of copper to make the bail and ran that through the machine with a leaf embossing folder and attached the flower with a micro fastener. I dipped the entire thing in LOS and polished the raised parts.   I then made some dangles with the beads that came with the kit and attached them to a chain.  In looking through the extensive stash of ribbon I have I found this sheer ribbon that had the dark blue, purple and copper in the components.  I had to use it because it was so perfect!  I wove it through the chain and tied the ends.  Here's a close up of the chain, bail and dangles.
So, there you have it.  Late, I know, but I hope you like it.  I was fortunate enough to visit with Amy last week and was able to show it to her in person.  It was great visiting with her here in Maryland.
Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. Wow, it's beautiful!!! Love it!! And so different from the others! I havo to try my hand at metal some time ....

  2. Beautiful so very different and it!

  3. this is gorgeous! i love what you did here with the metals and polymer cab...really different and fringy and fun and beautiful :-)

  4. Maryanne! You know how much I LOOOOOOOOOOOVED your piece! It was great to see you last week! (I haven't even attempted my second bezel from the freebie, but to my defense, I just got back home two days ago!)

  5. Ooh, that is just so pretty, I love the little dragonfly motif - and the embossed copper is gorgeous - I really want to have a go at that!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog - I really do appreciate your visits - hope you have a great week.

  6. Hi Maryanne,
    Better late then never just like my very late comment on your gorgeous necklace. I love what you did with the copper sheeting it is so different from what everyone else did.


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