Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Anyone who has followed me for a while knows that I love Valentine's Day.  I've loved it since I was a child.  It's a beautiful, bright red day in the middle of winter!  It comes along just when the serene palette of winter has grown old.  When a burst of red and frilly things seems perfect! 
I made several tags this year, the one above it one of my favorites.  I also made some jewelry last year which I never shared.  So, I thought I would do that now.
Here is a necklace I made a few years ago, didn't like and remade last year.
I love soldering charms even though I don't do a lot of it.  But, I love vintage images and I love making them into charms to use as pendants or Christmas tree ornaments.  I have several ornaments and I've made some pendants.  Originally I had strung this on a velvet ribbon.  I didn't like the way it hung on the ribbon so I decided to do something else with it.  The necklace you see is the result.  I even took some of the ribbon and tied it to the chain.  It was such a pretty red velvet that I still wanted it as part of the design.  After remaking the necklace I decided to jump on the bandwagon that is the wrap bracelet.   I really like wrap bracelets but I hadn't made one.  Then, last year I saw this great button on the Fusion Beads site.  So, I decided to use it to make a wrap bracelet.   Actually, I made two, one for me and one for my daughter. 
And, here's that cute button!
Well, thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day.



  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you Maryanne! I just love your Valentine's day art - all the pieces are beautiful. I sometimes think of this day as a bit schmaltzy - but not the way you Valentine's day. You're a class act!!! xo

  2. You have me thinking about VD in a whole new way. I have always been "bah humbug" about it but do it for the kids. But you area right~a big burst of color during the seemingly endless wintertime. Your VD goodies here are beauties! The red in the wrap is wonderful.

  3. Lovely stuff! The tag is so pretty and I love Valentines Day too - but may be because I love the colour red so much. Both the necklace and the bracelet are fabulous - I love the little beads and bows on the chain. Hope you had a great Valentines Day - did you wear all your beautiful beads I wonder?


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