Saturday, November 24, 2012

Another Fall post

Well, Thanksgiving is behind us and we have an extra week to get ready for Christmas.  I've actually gotten a lot of my shopping done.  I always want to have my gifts taken care of before Thanksgiving but it never happens.  This year I'm about half way there!  Hooray!!  So, I thought I'd share a bracelet I made for Fall, though it wasn't for me.

My daughter loves squirrels.  I found this great bracelet link at Beadaholique several weeks ago.  I knew I had to use it to make a bracelet for her.  I also ordered some small ceramic beads to go with it.  Here's the bracelet.

I used copper wire for the bracelet which I oxidized with Liver of Sulfur.  She loves it and that makes me happy!!!  I do have some new Fall tags I made that I'll share next week and then it will be on to Christmas and all the fun stuff there is to create for that great holiday!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and, by now, are over the food stupor!  Thanks for taking the time to visit. 


  1. Hi Maryanne,
    Pretty bracelet! I like how the squirrels look like what one would find in a cave drawing.

  2. That squirrel bracelet is so cute!!

    Mr. Sequin and the squirrels go to war in the summer over his tomatoes (the squirrels usually win). Which means I couldn't make him his own bracelet... he might get a little stressed! ;)

  3. Yup. That bracelet is all her! So cute!

  4. Just gorgeous - lucky daughter!!! I'm loving her acorn theme at the moment - I bet she's just thrilled with the bracelet!

  5. Sweet bracelet! I love the tiny beads you incorporated into the design!


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