Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The solution

I really love beadwork, but I also have become captivated with metal and wirework.  In fact I've done more metal and wirwork this summer than I've beaded.  So I decided I would combine the two.  This is the result.

I bought a kit from well-known bead artist Paulette Baron.  I love the beautiful twisted peyote stitch creations that Paulette designs.  This pendant was really fun, and surprisingly quick to stitch.  This is what it looks like up close.

By using different size beads, and increasing the rows of beads, the work twists into a curl.  Paulette has many variations of this technique and each one looks unique.  In this design an 8mm Swarovski crystal in nestled into the curl at the bottom. 

While I was working on the pendant I decided to make a wire necklace for it.  I used copper wire to create wire wrapped beads, also known as Kuchi beads.  Then I made "S" shaped links that I wrapped with some of the beads from the kit.  I wanted to bring some of the beads into the necklace, so that was my solution.  By making the Kuchi beads and the "S" links I was able to continue the curl of the pendant in the necklace. The bail and the clasp were made from the copper wire also.  Here's a picture of the Kuchi beads and the "S" links.

The necklace is comfortable to wear and I love that I can combine my beadwork and my wirework.  I've combined different mediums before.  I've made jackets with fabric and knitting, jewelry with knitting and fabric and beads, and even a couple of necklaces using needlepoint motifs with beads and twisted cords.  It allows me to create some thing with all the different mediums I like to work in.  And, it's a fun challenge as well.

I know I'll be doing more of this!  I have so many beadwoven necklaces so I think some variety is in order!  Thanks for  stopping by today.  Have a great day!


  1. Hi Marryanne,
    I love the necklace, very creative chain and the pendant is awesome. Beautiful!!!

  2. The pendant is gorgeous! And I love the metal work in this piece! By the way, I received my Ribbon Work book in the mail yesterday, and you were right...EYE CANDY! :) I may have to take up yet another craft! :)

  3. Your style and design are gorgeous Maryanne!!!! I just adore this necklace, every aspect of it! (p.s. - I'm just finalizing the details of my trip and will email you later today on when I"ll be stopping by Bead Soup!!)

  4. Ohh, I love it! Beautiful work.

    I like to do the same thing -- combine the different mediums. I'd love to see photos of the needlepoint necklaces!

  5. Wow, I love that pendant - and the chain is so unusual - it looks incredibly difficult to make though. I love the style of your jewellery - you always make things I would want to wear.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog - I do appreciate you taking the time to visit and comment.


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