Friday, July 27, 2012

On to Saturday!

Saturday at Create, the retreat in New Jersey for those who haven't read the previous post, was exciting.  The people at this gathering were so eager to share what they were doing and know what others were doing.  It was a great vibe.  People asking how classes were and what was learned.  Everyone was eager to begin another day of learning new things.   For me it meant another metals class with a teacher who was new to me.  Jean Van Brederode is a jewelry artist, enamelist and teacher from Pennsylvania.  Her work is very artful and exciting!  The class I took was called Bits and Baubles. The end product was a mixed media necklace constructed of metal components that were textured and layered and ultimately combined into a necklace!  I just loved it!!  I learned a lot about riveting, which I had done the previous day, but this time we learned about, and used, different kinds of cold connections.  I actually saw a metal bead being enameled with a torch, something I've been wanting to try.  We had access to so much material that Jean brought for us to use, things like colored anodized aluminium pieces, metal stampings, textured and patinaed metals, and lots of found objects.  It was a very freeing class, where your personality came through in what you were making.  Here is what I ended up with.

We cut pieces of metal in the shapes we wanted to use.  I love triangles so I cut my favorite piece, the textured and vertigris center, into a triangle and then got the idea to make a wavy edge on one side.  It gave it such movement that I was really pleased with it. I chose a steampunk embossed metal piece and a plain piece of copper sheet that I used a great dimpling tool on for the other pieces.  I had to use some of the anodized aluminium because of the colors.  I know I'll be working with that material again.  I chose several embellishments from Jean's supply and started layering.  This class had every technique I like to use in all my work, layering, color, texture!  No wonder I loved it!!!  I ended up with a very wearable, very me necklace that I just love. 

Since I can be something of an overachiever, I've come to like making my own chains or necklace for my jewelry.  Jean taught us a new, to me, coiled neckwire and a new, to me, clasp.  They look like this.

This clasp is really cool, I think.

You can see some of the neckwire here.

The neckwire is very light weight but fits the vibe of the components and the clasp is easy and fun to make.  Two more options for future projects!

I left the class really engerized and ready to move on with the scrapbox concept.  The ring from the class on Friday had been designed from leftovers on the worktable and this class carried that theme further.  You really begin to look at leftovers and other scraps differently!  It's very exciting!

Well, Carrie and I left New Jersey, my home state by the way, with our minds teeming with creative ideas!  Different mediums, but so eager to keep working! 

I hope you've enjoyed seeing the results of our excursion.  I'm pleased you've stopped by. 


  1. Cool looking necklace Maryanne, I really like it!
    I think the neck wire is neat and looks like it would be very comfortable to wear. The wavy side to the triangle pendant makes it look like it is waving in the wind. Great job!

  2. This turned out super cool and I LOVE that clasp!!

  3. Love the necklace, sounds like a great retreat.

  4. I'm filled with admiration for your beautiful necklace. It's so my style.

    Fond regards

    Pat x

  5. WOW - these pieces are so awesome!! I'm glad I got to see them after hearing you talk about them. I'm in awe of your metal work, Maryanne! Beautiful work!


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