Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Filigree Garden

The time is going by so quickly this summer.  I've been away from the blog for a long time and I realized I need to post  pictures of the things I've been working on during our intense heat wave.  I thought I'd start with one of my newer designs, the Filigree Garden! 

Filigree is available in so many different components now and I love it.  I like to layer it and use beads with it.  I know that's not surprising to anyone who knows me, but I thought I'd mention it anyway!  I've discovered that a lot of people think that the only thing you can do to embellish filigree it to glue rivolis to it.  But, actually, there are a lot of different things you can do.  With very some finer gauge wire and odds and ends of beads you can create something like this.  I just sorted through my stash of flower beads and crystals, threw in a few drop beads and started working.  I used fine gauge wire to wire the beads to the pieces of filigree and then used jump rings to attach it all together.  I thought it needed some leaves to finish it off, so I made some dangles with some leaf beads.  The butterfly was to add some interest and break up all the sameness.  I just used a few seed beads wrapped around his body. 

This was a quick and easy project that is fun to wear, goes with everything and is like wearing a garden on your wrist!  I've beaded filigree before and I've got an idea for fall that I'm anxious to work on.  Can't believe I'm thinking fall already!!!

Here are few close ups. 

The butterfly in a rather dark picture, along with one of the leaf dangles.

I attached each flower center with different beads or crystals, and using different attachment techniques.

I hope your summer is going well.  After intense heat and powerful storms, we seem to be in a lull right now.  Hopefully, it'll continue!  Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by the blog.


  1. Oooh me likey! It's beautiful! See, there's so much more than rivolis... not that there's anything wrong with rivolis, mind you... ;)

  2. I love it, I think I'm going to have to try working with filigree. The bracelet is gorgeous and would go with so many things.

  3. So lovely!!! I love the way you put all these components together!!!!

  4. Spectacular! I especially like close-up photo # 2, where you've attached the color embelishments.

  5. Wow, what beautiful work - and I really love the metal cuff in your previous post - it's just stunning. So glad I found your fantastic work through Carrie's blog. I now want to go off and make some jewellery!


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