Sunday, March 4, 2012

Beading Babes, Part 3...

...or not!  I hate not finishing something I start, whether it's a book or a project of any kind.  But, sometimes it just turns out that way.  I was really looking forward to doing the Runway of Pearls project for this installment of the Beading Babes. Once again we had chosen two projects but the necklace we chose didn't interest me, so I had decided not to attempt it.  When I read over the supply list for Runway I realized I didn't have enough of the size 11 triangles and I didn't think they would make a very comfortable bracelet.  The size 11 triangles are sharp and I didn't think they would look that good once they were stitched.  So, I pulled from my stash and chose size 8 triangles.  That allowed me to size up the rest of the beads needed for the pattern.  Here's what I chose,

I was happy with my choices, I really liked the idea of using magatamas in place of the pearls since I love the look of drop beads as an edging.  It wouldn't be Runway of Pearls anymore, but that was okay!  Well, after several attempts at making this work, I gave up.  As I said in the beginning I hate to give up on something, but sometimes you have to know when to do that.  I was spending way too much time on a project that wasn't working out the way I wanted it to.  I thought the problem was with me and my choice to size up.  But, then I discovered that others in the Beading Babes group were having other problems with the pattern.  So, I tried one more time, and I changed the size of the beads down to what was called for.  But, I still wasn't happy with the bracelet, so I decided it was time to just get over it and move on.  The result of all this is that I don't have a completed project for this round of the Beading Babes.  I'm really sorry about that but one of the reasons that I joined the group is that Karyn said when she formed the Babes that there was no pressure to fiinish a project.  I liked the idea that I could opt out when life intervened or I just didn't have the time or inclination to work on something.  So, unfortunately, I don't have a lovely finished bracelet to show you.  But, I'm sure all the other Babes do, so visit Karyn's blog and check them all out when she has them posted!  And, next time I'll have a new necklace or bracelet to show you too!

Thanks for checking in and have a great day!  Make something wonderful!


  1. Maryanne - sorry to see you weren't able to finish Runway of Pearls ...the colours you have shared in your photo are stunning.

    Unfortunately life does sometimes get in the way of letting us do the things we enjoy... which is why there is no pressure to finish your pieces for Beading Babes. Life is hectic enough without the added pressure of a beading group!

    Thanks for still posting about the reveal.


  2. Maryanne,
    Hey you gave the bracelet a try it did not work for you and that is okay. On to project 4!

  3. Maryanne,
    No worries girl! I think this will happen to all of us at some point. I do love the colors you choose and I think you should play with those beads in some other inspiration.

  4. I think the same thing happens to all of us. I tried to do something a bit different on Runway of Pearls and ended up scrapping the whole thing as well. I do love the colors you chose. The grays and black are wonderful together. Hopefully, you can try that color palette another time.

  5. Sometimes the wisdom lies within knowing when to give up. And there is a place for that, so don't feel bad Maryanne:)))
    I wanted to stop by to tell you that I changed my blog address which is great, but now none of the links to the blog work.
    So just in case you are looking for me , here is the new address:


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