Sunday, December 4, 2011

Beading Babes~Part Two

Today is the reveal for the second installment of the Beading Babes challenge created by Karyn of Releases by Rufydoof.  We could have created two different patterns, but I chose to do just the one.  I had some other obligations that I had to complete, so I decided I would do the Sleek in Silver necklace that was in a recent issue of Beadwork.  I'm so happy that I chose that pattern.  I had really liked it when I first saw it and I was happy that it was one of the two designs agreed upon.  It's a very easy and quick design to make and it uses the gorgeous Tila beads!  Here is my version of the necklace:

Unfortunately, the picture is very dark and I couldn't get a better shot of the majority of the necklace.  I really need to learn to use Photoshop Elements after the holidays!  At any rate, I used a wonderful cranberry iris Tila, along with bronze 11 seed beads and cranberry red size 8  hex beads. The pattern used size 8 seed beads, but the hex beads were a good color match to the Tilas and I love the way the hex beads catch the light.  In place of the briolettes used in the original design I used these wonderful two toned spotted daggers that I found at a bead show.  The colors in the daggers was perfect with the other bead colors.

This close-up definitely shows the color better than the larger photograph.  And, you can really see the daggers which are so wonderfully random.  Some of them are cranberry on one side and ivory on the other, some are split down the middle, as you can see, and some have a less symetrical division of the colors.  I love daggers and these have to be some of my all time favorites.  I think they really add to the overall effect of this necklace.

I love the way this necklace turned out and the colors are great for the season.  I know I'll be wearing it to a yearly dinner we attend with good friends. 

Thanks again to Karyn for organizing this challenge.  It's great fun and it gives me the opportunity to bead some projects I really like. 

Enjoy your day.  I'll be spending the rest of my day getting ready for the holidays to really begin! 


  1. Maryanne, Your necklace is beautiful! I love your choice of colors and the daggars were the perfect choice. I wish I would have stepped further out of the design box with mine.

  2. That is gorgeous. I tried using dagger beads in mine, but it didn't turn out near as nice as yours did. Wonderful job!

  3. Oh my gosh Maryanne! I LOVE your version of Sleek In Silver!!!! Your colors are spectacular and very rich. I love the way you used the daggers for your drops. It looks great!

  4. We both choose daggers how funny is that! I love the colors you choose too! Awesome work!


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