Saturday, June 11, 2011

Another closure idea

I've always been a detail person and so I've always looked for interesting ways to finish a project.  When I did a lot of needlepoint I would always look for interesting styles of framing for a hanging or a new way of making a pillow.  Same with my vests and jackets, whether they were fabric or knitted.  I love interesting closures and sleeve/cuff treatments.  Well, now that beads and jewelry making consumes most of my time I'm always thinking of new ideas for closures.  I love to have the closure in the front or on the side of a necklace. This is one idea that I really like.

This is a beaded wire knitted necklace I made a few months ago. The chips are three different strands I found at Michael's and mixed together to make a bead soup.  I used copper wire to knit the necklace and chose filigree rosettes I had gotten from Kabela Designs.  I wired a few of the chips to the center of each rosette and then attached them to the ends of the necklace.  I used jump rings to attach a lobster claw clasp to the rosettes.  I wear the necklace with the closure in the front. 

I start thinking about how I'm going to finish a necklace or bracelet when I begin the project.  Sometimes an idea comes quickly at the start and sometimes I finish the piece and still have no idea what to do.  That's when I go looking through the stash to see if anything presents itself as a good idea.  It's all part of the fun and the challenge of creating.  It really doesn't matter what medium you work in, the challenge of making something unique to you is always the same thrilling adventure. 

Here's the entire necklace, in a not so great picture!

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