Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I mentioned a few posts ago that a friend of mine makes beautiful baskets and she and I decided to barter jewelry for a Scottish yarn basket.  Well, she delivered my basket last week.  And, it's gorgeous!!! 

The color looks a little lighter than it actually is, but isn't it gorgeous?!  Judy is meticulous in her workmanship and it shows in the finished basket.  She dyes her own reed and treats the finished basket with linseed oil to prevent it from drying out.  I'm so  thrilled with my basket.  I will have it filled with lovely yarn soon.  After all it is a Scottish yarn basket!!  The funny thing is that Judy has recently become an avid knitter, but she made these baskets before she started knitting.  Now, she'll have some yarn to put in her basket! 

Here's a close up of the God's Eye with which she starts these baskets.  Amazingly beautiful, isn't it?

I'll let you decide who got the best deal out this barter.  I made her a wire and pearl ring and pendant which you can check out in a previous post, which for some reason I can't link to right now!  But, look for Wire Working for a Friend if you want to see what my end of the deal was. 

Enjoy your day.  We're having lovely early spring weather today, so I'll be in the garden.

Thanks for stopping by.

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