Friday, March 18, 2011

Button Swap

I've never participated in an online swap before but I've always thought it would be fun.  When I found out that Michelle Mach was hosting a button swap on her blog I decided I would join in the fun.  I was paired up with Hope Smitherman who is a very talented artist from Alabama.  Hope and I discovered that we have a love of vintage, buttons and otherwise, in common. 

Well, the rules for the swap were simple, send your partner 3 buttons of any kind.  If one or more was special in any way, or vintage, all the better. Once the buttons were received the participants are to come up with a project using the buttons. It can be anything, from jewelry to home decor.  Of course this meant I had to spend an afternoon going through my extensive button collection!!  I know, it's a tough job, but what could I do!  After a great deal of dithering over which buttons I should send Hope, I finally was able to chose three that I thought she might like.  I was so preoccupied with choosing the buttons and deciding on a presentation that I forgot to take a picture of them!  But, I chose a  green dichroic glass button made by my friend Terrie Voigt, and two that I've had for a long time.  I don't know if they were both vintage, but one was a dark teal and the other was a gray MOP.  It was difficult to chose which buttons to send because I wanted them to be something Hope could, and would want, to use.  Well, I'm happy to say that she loved the buttons, which was such good news for me! 

Naturally, I wanted to create a fun presentation, so I used my favorite, a tag.  I attached the buttons to a small tag and attached that to a larger tag that I had distressed and embellished with sewing motif fabric and a paper flower with a button center!!!  Seriously, what else could I have used for a center.  I'm really sorry I didn't have the presence of mind to take a picture of all this.  The finished presentation was pretty cool.  Of course, wait until you see what Hope sent me!!!

What I sent Hope pales in comparison to what she sent me!!!  I was just overwhelmed when I opened my package.  Not only by the presentation, but by the amount of buttons! 

Look at all that!  The three buttons in the middle front are the three for the swap.  But, all the rest are just Hope being incredibly generous.  She too spent a long time looking through her button stash and decided to share some of what she has with me.  I was amazed at the wonderfulness of it all!  And, if the amount isn't amazing enough, the presentation is incredible.  She created two tins to put the buttons in and a beautiful card, plus the tag for the original 3 buttons.

Here's a better picture of the tin the 3 buttons came in.  The other loose buttons came in a smaller tin embellished in the same way!  Then she sent two cards of buttons!


 I was so touched by her generosity.  And, the buttons she chose are all fabulous!  I just love them all.  Deciding what to make with them is now my problem!  I want to make some thing really cool so I can show off the buttons to best advantage.  I have a few ideas and I need to take some time to decide which one will work best.  But, I just love what I have to work with and it will be fun creating something special with these vintage beauties.

Well, thank you for stopping by.  Enjoy the day.  We're having some beautiful spring weather here, so I'll be in the garden today.  I hope you do something fun with your day, too.


  1. These are wonderful! Can't wait to see what you make with them!

  2. Oh you were lucky! Cool buttons!


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