Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It always needs beads!

I've always loved fibers and fabrics.  But, just as long as I've loved fibers and fabrics I've loved beads.  So, you'll usually find beads in almost everything I make. I love to embellish everything!!  I usually don't consider a jacket completed without a bead or two.  Same with an art quilt.  And, once I started knitting with beads, I started feeling the same way about fibers.  When I began felting knitted bowls and handbags it didn't take long to realize I had to get beads in there somehow.  With handbags, I often needlefelt over the machine washed handbag.  Then I'll sew beads onto the bag, embellishing the needlefelting.  But, then I discovered a pattern for knitted, felted bowls.  I love bowls and vessels made out of fiber or  beads.  Of course, I had to try the pattern! I knitted the bowl out of two colors of Manos kettle dyed yarn and then threw it in the washing machine.   This is the result.  Of course it's been embellished!

I decided I would applique ribbons, trims, beads and ribbon flowers in a vining pattern.  I made ribbon fuschias, and then stitched ribbon wrapped wire down with beads.  I added leaf trim, one of my favorite trims, and then stitched scattered beads to fill in.  I was especially pleased with the results.  I love the ribbon fuschias.  Here's a close up.

I was hooked on making these bowls for a while.  I made an all white/ivory  frosty one for a Christmas charity auction.  Unfortunately, I finished it with no time to spare, so there's no photo of it.  And, I made a royal purple which my daughter had to have for her college dorm room.  She took it back to school before I had a chance to jazz it up!  But, she likes it plain.  I don't know what's wrong with her!!!  Then I had two skeins of yarn left over from a sweater I made so I made a bowl to keep knitting tools in.  I thought it would be fun to sew buttons on it rather than ribbons and flowers.  So, I chose shell buttons in different sizes and colors and stitched them down with beads.  You knew I'd get the beads in there somehow!

The yarn had slubs of color in it which gave the felted bowl an interesting play of color.  I used those colors in chosing the buttons and stitched them down with green and turquoise beads. To fill in between some of the buttons I added some shaped beads.  I also decided to line this bowl.  I could see some of the stitching inside the bowl, so I decided I would cover it with a coordinating batik fabric from the stash.  You can see a little of the fabric in this closeup.

I like the look of the lining.  I cut a circle of fabric large enough to fit the interior of the bowl and then pleated it as I hand stitched it to the top of the bowl.  It's a great place to keep tape measures, point protectors, scissors and such on my table. 

I made these bowls a couple of years ago and I've been wanting to experiment with other yarns and styles.  So, stay tuned and we'll see if I get back to felting bowls.  I have some fun ideas for embellishing them and when I start to get new ideas I usually can't resist trying them out. 

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  1. A craft I have yet to try (and right now I think I will just admire yours) Love it!


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