Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wire Working for a friend

A friend of mine makes beautiful baskets.  I love baskets.  I use them to store things, but I also use them as decorative pieces.  I love the tactile and sculptural appeal they have.  Well, anyway, my friend makes these wonderful yarn baskets.  I asked her if she would make me one.  As all you knitters know, you can never, ever, have too many yarn baskets!  I was planning on paying her for the basket, but she had seen a wire and pearl ring I had made myself in a class I took at Bead Soup and she loved it!  So, we decided I would make her a ring and pendant to match and she would make me a basket!  Perfect!  Well, life, and the holidays intervened, and we're just getting our projects done.  I gave her the ring and pendant on Thursday and she's in the process of finishing up my basket.

The ring is a freeform design, so it really appealed to me.  I love the idea of using a little wire and a few small beads to make a really cool ring.  I used pearls in mine and Judy wanted pearls also. 

It uses 16 gauge wire and 24 gauge for caging the beads.  It's a very easy design and each ring, like in freeform beadwork, looks different. 

This is the pendant, which is made in the same way.  I used a bracelet mandrel to shape 20g wire and made a loop on each end, attaching a jump ring to the top.  I then strung the pearls on 24g which I wrapped around the ring.  You can use as many, or as few, beads as you want, and again, each pendant is different.  I've seen this pendant idea many times, and not always in a circular shape, but the idea of caging the beads randomly is very appealing to this freeform kind of gal!  The next one I make is going to be a rectagular one for myself.  I just have to decide on the beads I want to use. 

Well, it's a cold day here, so I'll spend it in the studio, cozy and warm, finishing up a project that never was finished before the holidays.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Maryanne

    Those are stunning! How lucky is your friend! I hope you post a picture of the basket when you receive it.


  2. Beautiful!! Your friend is as lucky as you! Yes show a pic of the basket for sure!


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