Sunday, October 17, 2010

Two Fall Necklaces...

and a pair of earrings!

As you all know by now, I love Fall.  I've made things to decorate the house for years.  I've also made jewelry over the years using the motifs and colors I love so much.  Two of my favorites are these necklaces. 

  I'm really a seed bead person.  But, I'm beginning to try my hand at wirework.  I like a lot of wire jewelry that's out there, and I've taken a few classes, which I've really enjoyed.  Both of these necklaces were a lot of fun to make.  The one on the left used some pieces from the My Elements line and a few recycled pieces from old jewelry.  I decided to try some wire working to make a clasp to match the black chain.  And, that was really fun!  I used 22 gauge black wire to make a loop and hook.  The second necklace made use of some of my collection of lucite leaves.  I love lucite beads, flowers and leaves.  I think Beadin' Path has the best selection of lucite, and that's where these leaves came from.  I used copper chain, along with Swarovski column beads to add sparkle.  When I finished the necklace, I decided to use the remaining chain and crystal columns to make a pair of earrings. 

I'll leave you with some close ups.  Enjoy  your day and make art!

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  1. I love your wirework. Your autumn necklaces are just perfect. Beautiful!


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