Thursday, August 12, 2010

More Freeform Beadwork

This bracelet isn't new, but I'm making a necklace to go with it and I decided to take some pictures of the bracelet the other day.  I worked the freeform peyote a little differently for this piece.  Instead of stringing beads of different sizes and shapes and working off of that, I strung some 11's and then a 10mm crystal, and then some more 11's.  On the return row I worked freeform peyote for the 11's and skipped the crystals.  From there I began doing freeform along the row, creating bridges and using a variety of beads and crystals.  I love the crystal bicones I used for the bracelet.  They are some of the specially coated Swarovski that I found at my friend Kathy's store, Bead Soup.  They are called Rosaline.  That name is so pretty that I'm calling the bracelet the same!  The button is another dichroic from my friend Terrie.

Here are some other views of the bracelet.  Enjoy!  I'll post pictures of the necklace when it's finished. 



  1. Rosaline is so pretty, it is actually a name used for a peach/pink glass bead, and it is a perfect name for your bracelet. VERY feminine and romantic. Love it! Hugs, Christen

  2. I love these colors together. They're just awesome. Kind of like your blog wallpaper!


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